New legislation signed Dec. 05, 2019 enacts the following rules:
  1. ELS(PARA) with Associate's Degree can serve as STS(Short Term Substitute)
  2. ELS(PARA) without Associate's Degree(only 60 hours) cannot serve as STS without getting the additional STS license
  3. ELS(PARA) with test scores cannot serve as STS and is not eligible for STS license
  4. STS license holder can serve as Paraprofessional without obtaining additional ELS(PARA)
Out of State Applicants: 

Indiana Charter License and Other Out-of-State Provisional Licenses are no longer accepted for reciprocity as of December 5, 2019, when the new Part 25 rules were finalized. The part 25 rules specify that an out-of-state license must be comparable to the PEL to be used for reciprocity purposes. The evaluator team is updating all“workable” PELs now and will honor any Indiana charter or other provisional licenses that were on file on or before December 5, 2019.(Note: the license must be on file by this date.)